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About Tom’s Path to Homeopathic Medicine in Red Bank, NJ

Healthy People on Beach after Nutritional Program - Red Bank, NJ

Before Tom began his career in homeopathic medicine near Red Bank, NJ, he had a difficult youth. As an adolescent, Tom's weight was a problem. His eating habits were poor and his health was suffering. He was so fat and self conscious in high school that he wore a jacket all the time!

Finally, he cut his weight, but he had no knowledge of healthy weight control, leaving him weak and depleted. He started taking a multi-vitamin mineral supplement and feeling better.

Tom became interested in body builders and their health, diets, nutritional programs, etc. Soon, he changed his diet to focus on clinical nutrition.  By senior year he was no longer that very overweight, weak kid but the strongest kid!  He has never looked back.

Since 1983, Tom has worked only with medical doctors interested in homeopathic medicine and an integrative approach to clinical nutrition and health. This integrates or compliments the best of both worlds into one. He has written many articles for newspapers and magazines, lectured at local colleges, given seminars at many hospitals and support groups, spoken on radio, and appeared on television. Tom has helped thousands of people achieve better health and well-being. In his own words, "I feel really blessed that every day I can do what is my passion which is working with people and helping them improve their health".

Tom Mantos has been in practice since 1983. During this time he developed the Metabolic Nutrition Programs utilized at the center. His interest in nutrition started in 1974 when he began weight training for various sports. He is proud of the fact that since then he has only missed 2 weeks of training. Tom became involved in a variety of sports including collegiate wrestling, competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting, boxing, judo, and football. His interest in nutrition and homeopathic medicine began as a way to enhance performance and increase strength and size. His studies incorporated this as a means to prevent illness and improve health outcome. Today he studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

In 1995, Tom became involved in homeopathy under the teachings of the world renowned Dr. Luc DeSchepper.  Dr. Luc had been treating a close relative for a variety of chronic health problems at the time. Tom was amazed how these chronic problems were corrected over a period of time, and health was restored. This close relative suffered from many problems for over 25 years and had been to over 30 different doctors including the Mayo Clinic with no results. Homeopathy explained how the "Laws of Nature" work in health and disease, and this had a powerful impact on his life as well as his practice.


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