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Metabolic Nutrition in Red Bank, NJ

These programs were developed by Clinical Nutritionist and holistic health educator Tom Mantos. Every year it seems a new "Fad Diet" comes on the market which is advertised to be the diet for everyone. This is the one shoe size fits all mentality. In reality, the diet must be custom tailored to the unique make-up of the person. The Metabolic Nutrition Program takes into account a person's health history, family history, blood chemistries, bio-nutritional testing and unique genetic make-up. The programs incorporate both alternative medicine and complimentary medicine.


  Metabolic Nutrition

After a thorough evaluation by both Dr. Grosso and Tom Mantos, a customized diet therapy is developed specifically for each person. Nutritional elements like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs are recommended based on each person's physiological needs. This helps put the body at a level of balance consistant with its full physiological potential. Then a customized exercise program, lifestyle, and behavior modification system is outlined for each person's metabolic nutrition in Red Bank, NJ, right in our office.


Metabolic Clearing (Detoxification)

In the last 100 years, man has literally changed the chemistry of his environment through the progressive poisoning of nature with chemical by-products of modern agriculture, industry, power generation, and transportation. A growing body of scientific literature has shown this load of toxins can overburdern the body's natural detoxification systems leading to chronic unwellness and major health problems. Metabolic Clearing is a detoxification, elimination, and provacation procedure representing the most accurate, reproducible, cost effective, and comprehensive method for detoxification and determining the effect of foods on your state of health.

The Functional Liver Detoxification Profile and The Oxidative Stress Test, give us specific information on your physiology so we can detoxify your body and upregulate liver pathways specifically for your genetic make-up.

This program can yield a lifetime of increased energy and result in many improvements in your health status. Metabolic Clearing will assist your body's natural detoxification system, have a normalizing effect on Ph (acid/akaline balance), correct a wide variety of digestive disturbances, facilitate tissue repair, and enhance cellular energy production. It will also assist you in pinpointing the more specific influence of food allergies or sensitivities. 

Metabolic Permanent Weight Control Program

This program is based on the latest scientific advances for building up the metabolism. This burns excess fat faster without restrictive dieting and deprivation. Research has shown that fasting and deprivation diets slow the metabolism causing undesirable side effects and regaining of weight. The program is custom tailored for each person and allows you to lose weight permanently while acheiving your best level of health. No matter how much weight you have to lose, you can develop a lean, high energy body.

Metabolic Sports Nutrition Program

Designed for the serious athlete or those wishing to enhance their level of performance. The sports nutrition program applies the proven science of nutritional biochemistry, exercise physiology, and preventative medicine to naturally increase power, strength, muscle mass, and endurance while enhancing recovery, preventing injuries, and facilitating weight control.